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Preschool Honors Veterans With Flag Raising Event

Source: Be Proud Foundation

A local preschool assembled its students outside yesterday for a flag raising in honor of those who’ve given their lives to defend freedom, teaching them the meaning of Memorial Day before the holiday weekend.

Students aged 2 to 6 gathered in Wonderland Preschool’s front yard, at 1018 Avenue Y, to recite the pledge of allegiance and raise an American flag. Many of the students are the children of immigrants or immigrants themselves, and the director of the school, Steve Brodsky, thought it would be a good opportunity to teach them about patriotism and honoring the American legacy.

“Our school shows children how to persuade their love and passion for the United States,” Brodsky said in a press release.

The event was organized in conjunction with the Be Proud Foundation, a local Russian-American organization formed in 2005 to foster unity and pride in the local neighborhoods.

Having the students raise the flag and recognize the nation’s servicemen shows the “true meaning of American living,” said the event press release. “Wonderland children and their parents immigrated here in order to live the American dream. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is part of our daily lives. Let’s honor those who defend our freedom, past to present, by saluting the flag of the United States.”

The school opened recently under new management, after the previous preschool in that location, Royal Crown Pre-School Academy and Day Care Center, was shuttered by the Department of Health for a slew of failed inspections, including the discovery that the school went at least seven months without a qualified educational director.

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  1. kinda funny. if they are immigrants, chances are they are giving respect to those who probably killed their relatives 🙂 funny shit eh? oh yeah, and ps: FUCK PATRIOTISM. worse thing that has happened to america in the past 60 years or so. makes people completely ignorant.

  2. Some people give patroitism a bad name by failing to live up to their obligations as Americans by standing up against abuses that are committed in the name of Americanism. Patriotism is standing up to the Scott Walkers and the John Boehners, even to the President of The United States if he fails to act responsibly and with humanity. Patriotism is only wrong when it is blind.

  3. Definitely not blind.  By the time I was 8 I decided that no one was going to force me to recite an oath. Regardless of whether I agreed with its tenets or not. 

    It’s not our system that is the problem. It’s those who impose practices upon it that are contradictions to it.


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