Pre-Registration Begins For Fall Session Of 5th Brooklyn Scouts

Pre-Registration Begins For Fall Session Of 5th Brooklyn Scouts
BPSA - 5th Brooklyn Scouts

Fall is just around the corner, and pre-registration for the next 5th Brooklyn Scouts session is in full swing. According to a recent Facebook post, organizers would like to see how many new and returning scouts will be participating in the 2013 program so they can plan the session accordingly.

The success in the program will be dependent on it’s size, and as such we have limited the Otter Raft, Timberwolf Pack and the Pathfinder Troop size to 32 members per section (32 per Raft, 32 per pack, 32 per Troop). Returning members will have first rights. Scouts who join AFTER the 32 slots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list. If we have enough scouts on a waiting list we may offer another Raft, Pack or Troop to our group. We do this so that we can offer a solid program with enough adult leadership. The success in scouting is not in working with the masses, rather the individuals.

The 5th Brooklyn Scouts registration form can be found here.

For more information on the group’s various scouting programs, visit the 5th Brooklyn Scouts website.

Photo via 5th Brooklyn Scouts