Pray to the Porcelain Gods No More: Hangover Help Is Here

Pray to the Porcelain Gods No More: Hangover Help Is Here
No Time for Fun

Did last night’s Super Bowl leave you with a super hangover this morning? We asked some local experts to weigh in with their go-to hangover remedies. If you can stare at the computer screen without puking, take a gander. Someone below may have significantly improved your day.

The crew over at The Monro Pub heads straight for a good old fashioned fry-up. “Hair of the dog, fried bread, fried eggs, fried sausage, fried bacon, fried tomatoes, and a side of Heinz beans! Have I mentioned fried food? Oh and a cup of tea! The cure-all for every Englishman!”

Andy and Tina over at De Luxe have a 3-step solution. “Always drink straight booze, mixers are trouble. Take 2 Advil and 2 glasses of water right before you go to sleep. Day after, get as much bread, cheese and electrolytes as you can!”

Hopefully, you were already aware of parts 1 and 2, and succeeded in completing them last night.

The managers at Talde and Thistle Hill were a wealth of information regarding hangover cure-alls:

Calli Genzale says to “have some water and go back to sleep. Wake up only when you’re hungry, then eat something GREASY! A burger, bacon, tater tots… dare I suggest DUMPLINGS?”

Bill Riley tosses in a bit of fashion advice, but is ultimately just relieved that last night’s game is over. “Eat some crab cakes and don’t wear Levi’s on Monday…. That was the most stressful Super Bowl yet. And be happy that the Giants are the top highlight for best Super Bowl catch ever!!! Let the lights stay on!!”

Mike Pryor pops a few pills, and relies on a higher power to get him through the day. “A couple glasses of water and a B12 supplement before bed takes the edge off in the morning. Upon awakening – an entire pot of coffee and Advil Liquid Gels. Oh, and prayer.”

Kerwin Chu heads straight down the comfort food route by “drinking lots of V8 juice and eating a large bowl of pho or congee, then going back to sleep.”

Phil Mc Namara swears by “Pork Slope’s Special ‘The Morning After Pill.’ Best hangover cure anywhere! A grilled cheese with bacon and egg, a house Bloody Mary, a shot and a coffee. Can’t do better than that!”

Andrew Del Vecchio goes local. “Bodega bacon, egg, and cheese with SPK, [salt, pepper, ketchup] a yellow Gatorade and a fistful of Advil.”

Now it’s your turn, South Slope. Help a neighbor out, and give us your best hangover remedies.


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