Possible Heart Attack Causes Crash On Ocean Pkwy

Reader Aleksey P. sent in the following report of an accident on Avenue W and Ocean Parkway:

The crash on W and ocean parkway was a one car accident. a 2010 Nissan Altima was traveling towards brighton in the right lane, swereved, jumped the crub a bit and hit the lamp post. only the driver was in the car. a white male around 50+. police think he had a heart attack. i was the first to see the accident and call 911. his left turn signal was on, which leads me to believe he wanted to switch lanes, then saw a car in the blind spot, and swerved right. he was taken away by ambulance. the car is in fairly good shape, just front, bumper, and front side damaged, engine looks good. this happened at 8:39pm, site was cleaned up by 9:40pm