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Poll: Which Is The Best Local Post Office?


After our article yesterday about the Sheepshead Bay Post Office hiring two new agents in response to customer complaints, we received a fair amount of comments. Some called the post office the worst in the area, while others said they had no problems with it.

But, when it comes to post offices, there’s no shortage of opinions… and there’s very little agreement.

So let’s put it in plain terms: of the six post offices in the Sheepshead Bay area, which one is your favorite?

Take the poll, and don’t forget to let us know why you chose it in the comments!

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  1. Rarely has long lines and when it does, service is fast, despite only only two clerks at most times. However, one clerk refuses to use a calculator to total value of stamps on a package so I’ve learned to write on myself before I get to her window.

  2. I use E23 and U a few times a year and never find long lines there. Maybe I’m just lucky? Never had a problem with the clerks either.

  3. Easy to find a parking spot, usually a quick like, NICE service, helpful if needed.
    The opposite of the Sheepshead Bay branch. 

  4. I just came back from the Bay Post Office. I had to send about about 120 envelopes. None were stamped. After being told they would not stamp it for me (I thought they did. Silly me!), I went to the machine and bought my 120 stamps. I started the long, annoying task of doing each one myself. Then a clerk came out from behind the counter to deal with the PO boxes. She stopped what she was doing, grabbed half my envelopes and stamps, and began doing it with me. 

    She was very kind, friendly and generous in offering her time to do that. I don’t know if this woman was one of the new hires, but it keeps in line with the fact that I’ve had mostly positive experiences at the Bay Post Office, and even the not positive ones were more neutral than negative.

    Thanks Bay PO!

  5. The Gravesend office is sometimes empty of people.

    Otherwise it might get more positive responses.

    Then again, it’s on the periphery of the readership of this blog.

  6. First time I ever heard of such a thing. Most workers sit behind the glass. this story may have been an exception, not the rule.

  7. I was at the PO at about noon and had a very unpleasant experience with a guy in the back and then a women came out and took care of what i needed quickly and with a smile. Started bad and ended good.


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