Poll: What Do You Think Of Governor Cuomo’s 1st Year?

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his second State of the State report yesterday, reporting on progress made during 2011 and outlining his administration’s plan of action for 2012.

His plan for the future focused on job creation, fiscal discipline, economic development, fixing infrastructure, campaign finance reform, protecting tenants’ rights and legalizing casino gambling in New York. He also pushed a proposal to build the nation’s largest convention center as part of the reborn Aquaduct “Racino.”

(You can see the video here, or read the text here.)

The year prior, 2011, Cuomo’s first as governor, saw some major events unfold. He and the legislature faced down a $10 million budget deficit, established a property tax cap, legalized same sex marriage, eliminated the MTA payroll tax for many businesses, and an overall change in the tax code – among other accomplishments.

Cuomo’s State of the State 2012 is not without its critics, though. Senator Marty Golden expressed disappointment yesterday that the speech didn’t focus enough on public safety. His Republican colleague in the Assembly, Nicole Malliotakis, had harsher words, saying his pro-jobs initiatives are at odds with his “ludicrous” spending. Meanwhile, Borough President Marty Markowitz swooned over the idea of getting some casinos in Coney Island.

But before we can really talk about next year, we want to know what you’ve thought of Cuomo’s first year in office. Did he rule, or did he stink?