Police Hoax ‘Officer Down’ Call Sends Cops To Sunset Park Apartment

(Courtesy: Ditmas Park Corner)
(Courtesy: Ditmas Park Corner)

A fake “officer down” call sent cops to investigate a Brooklyn apartment late Monday night, police said.

The New York Daily News reports that the hoax comes days after a mystery caller used NYPD radio transmissions to threaten a police captain in Manhattan.

“Officer down, officer down,” a man’s voice is heard on a police radio at about 11 p.m., which read from a Sunset Park address on Sixth Ave., according to Broadcastify.com audio.

10-13, officer down,” the man continued yelling the code for an officer in need of assistance.

“I’m hit,” the man said. The dispatcher repeatedly asks him his location, and he responds back saying, “5612 Sixth Ave., I’m hit!”

Moments after the man ranted on air, a cop from the 78th Precinct jumped in to ask the dispatcher to, “Just have these units responds, please, central? I believe there’s a radio out there that was probably stolen.”

An NYPD spokesperson told the Sunset Park Voice that no officers were injured from the 72nd, 76th, or 78th Precincts.

Police responded to the scene and did a routine apartment check, but found no one injured or in need of assistance, the spokesperson said.

Cops say they have received previous fake calls in the last week and are treating this incident as a reckless endangerment.

“There have been unauthorized transmissions that are currently being investigated by the NYPD department, and investigators will seek to determine if there’s any connection between the incidents,” the NYPD spokesperson said.


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