Police Charge Shaquille Upson In April Homicide Of Armal Mallory

Captain Peter Fiorillo

Police arrested Shaquille Upson, 20, on June 15 for the fatal shooting of Armal Mallory, 42, two months ago in the Walt Whitman Houses.

Mallory was shot multiple times in the head and torso in the early morning of April 14 in front of his apartment building. Upson allegedly shot Mallory in the back as he was running away from an argument, according to two witnesses that talked to the police. Upson then walked up and shot Mallory again as he was lying on the ground, Captain Peter Fiorillo said last night at the 88th Precinct Community Council meeting.

Captain Fiorillo said that the two men knew each other, although he could not say why they were arguing. Upson was also a resident of the Walt Whitman Houses, according to police.

Mallory had a 25-year-long criminal history, including robbery and an October 2013 arrest for criminal possession of a weapon, and possession of cocaine and marijuana. He lived in the Walt Whitman Houses with his wife, Tishawna Williams, 42, with whom he had four children, according to a childhood friend.

Upson is charged with murder in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, police said.

This post originally appeared on our predecessor site, The Nabe, on June 19, 2014.