Stop what you’re doing. Poke is what’s new and hot in Sheepshead Bay

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or just someone who is looking for a good meal, Sheepshead Bay’s newest culinary experience “Poke Stop” will stop you dead in your tracks. Literally. The first of its kind, Poke Stop blends authentic Hawaiian poke bowls with a fully immersive handroll bar. The owner, Liron Michaeli, a Sheepshead Bay native, created a sexy yet inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a quick lunch or a relaxing dinner.

Courtesy of Poke Stop

The impressive menu curated by Chef Rudy, formerly of Sushi of Gari and Catch New York, is unlike that of any other Poke restaurant, giving customers the option to also create their own bowls with a variety of premium items such as Miso Salmon, Seared Tuna Tatki, Ahi Tuna w/peanut sauce and chile, Truffle Spicy Mayo and more.

Courtesy of Poke Stop

If that’s not enough, customers are also flocking to the made-to-order handroll bar; an interactive experience where they can personalize hand rolls to their liking with high-grade fish such as Toro, King Salmon, and yellowtail, flown in from around the world. With seating for about 40, and catering also available, Poke Stop is the place for everything from small dinner soirées to large celebrations both private or corporate.

Poke Stop
1720 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Tel: (718) 676-7878

Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

Courtesy of Poke Stop

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  1. I appreciate that my Hawaiian home has influenced many restaurants, and Poke (pronounced: poh-kay) is being enjoyed by many…
    It is INSPIRED BY…what is being served is not traditional Hawaiian Poke. Hawaiian Poke is sold in the grocery stores and at mom and pop shops, isn’t bougie, doesn’t cost your first-born…it is comfort food, it is simple, delicious and doesn’t require fancy sauces or add-ons (while those are offered in Hawaii, generally it’s a very simple dish).

  2. What’s sad is that this is the first coverage of any restaurants in Sheepshead Bay in 2019 and it’s a paid story.

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