Plumb Beach Undercover Operation Violates Rights? is reporting that there were approximately 80 arrests in August 2009 at Plumb Beach as part of an undercover sting operation. Agents of the National Parks Service charged suspects with sex-related crimes, including propositioning or “in the act.” The number of arrests is higher than any whole year in the National Parks’ history at Plumb Beach

We’re told by sources that the arrests were made as part of an operation spearheaded by a new unit commander who sought to halt anonymous homosexual meetups at Plumb Beach. We’re told that the operation “got sloppy,” and fishermen and other innocent visitors to the beach were snared in broad roundups by the National Parks patrols. writes, “The arrests may have something to do with the threat that the National Parks Service would lose its funding in our area. So to justify their existence they arrested more people in on month than they did all of the previous year.”

Many of those captured paid fines and/or accepted deals, while others are currently defending themselves in court.

Gene Berardelli told us the topic will be discussed at tonight’s Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Assocation meeting. We’ll inform your as more information becomes available.


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