Plant Tags on Steroids

cvs parking plant tags

When I first saw them stuck into the soil in this big potted plant at the CVS store parking lot on East 14 Street (1402 Sheepshead Bay Road), I questioned what was I seeing. “What are those things near those little flowers?” From far away, it was clear to see that it was a warning sign and an advertisement for passport pictures. Still, the size of those things was preventing us from finding the word for their smaller counterparts.

Plant tag

Later — thanks to Louis, manager at Tamilio Nursery (3025 Avenue U) — we were finally reminded of words for those things you stick into potted plants to identify them. “Plant tags or plant labels,” is what he said,  even offering to give me one as a sample. Of course, how could we have thought they were plant signs? Of course, they’re garden markers. What else could they be?

Plant identification and care labels sure have come a long way. But, it looks like CVS might have given these ones the wrong prescription!

(Plant tag photo courtesy of Intermountain Native Plant Growers Association – INPGA)