Pizza, Pasta, Salads, & Wraps, Hoorah!

bennys all u can eat 2009

For those of you living in a pasta-poor home — like the one our reader, Jim, grew up in — here’s an all-you-can-eat pasta night.

And if these are not the prices you would normally expect to pay for pasta, just remember that Benny’s Gourmet Pizza serves up Kosher food and you won’t have to travel to Midwood.

Your choice is to stay home and follow the recipe for Rich Pasta for the Poor Kitchen. But if you’re a “rotten cook” — also like Jim’s mom who had some difficulties in the kitchen — you can make your way over with an empty stomach to Benny’s, singing, “Pizza, Pasta, Salads & Wraps, Hoorah!”

Benny’s Gourmet
1730 Jerome Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(corner of East 18th Street; between Ave Z & Voorhies Ave)
Tel: (347) 673-7340


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