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Jamaica Bay Pipeline Clears Another Major Hurdle, Closer To Becoming A Done Deal


The Jamaica Bay Natural Gas Pipeline is nearly a done deal. Legislation permitting the construction of the pipeline has passed the U.S. Senate, removing one of the last major roadblocks to its construction.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg released this statement following the news that the H.R.2606 plan will move forward:

The legislation passed this morning in the U.S. Senate is not just about the construction and operation of a natural gas pipeline and the jobs it will create – it is critical to building a stable, clean-energy future for New York City and improving the health of all New Yorkers. I want to thank Senator Schumer who sponsored this important legislation as well as Senators Bingaman and Murkowski who helped make passage possible. I would also like to acknowledge the important role of the National Park Service in this process and look forward to the members of the House re-passing this bill when they return in November.

In previous articles, we’ve noted how clandestine the whole operation has been, and it seems the same can be said of the news that it is happening.

Throughout the course of the entire situation, activists and residents have come forward to ensure that their opposition to the pipeline – which would run under the Atlantic Ocean, cutting through the Rockaways and into southeast Brooklyn – was heard.

The $265 million project was endorsed by the Bloomberg Administration as a means of creating jobs and clean energy.

The bill will go back to the House when the legislative session resumes in November for approval of any changes. The final hurdle will be cleared once the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which reviews and authorizes natural gas pipelines, greenlights the project.

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  1. I took pics of the barges with cranes and such from the Verrazano to Cross Bay….now it clears the last hurdle? Seems like it was shoed in long ago. Right Bloomshit?

  2. I don’t think the operation that has been in the water between Manhattan Beach and Brerzy Point for almost 2 months is a “dredging operation”.  It appears that there is construction going on there.

  3. Anyone care to speculate as to what all those ditches and pipes and construction vehicles were doing to the previously “Do Not Enter – Ground Nesting Birds” areas of Floyd Bennett alongside the E/W runway to the sea plane ramp?

  4. In response to ‘Brighton Resident’, the operations that you see between Breezy Point and Manhattan Beach all have to do with a new sewer pipe line from the Treatment Plant on Knapp St.   The old pipeline was damaged some time ago… The currrent
    work is supposed to continue thorugh Feruary 2013.

  5. One of them is on a small Island. Maaaaybe, if I had got my ass on the Princess I would know more. LOL No more scheduled trips until Feb. Damn.


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