Photos: Unlucky Car Gets Speared On East 19th Street

Photo by MSniceguy

One of East 19th Street’s precariously leaning trees lost a limb during yesterday’s storm, which turned up jammed in this car’s windshield.

According to Ray Johnson, who sent in a mini-report last night, the car is between Avenue X and Avenue Y. It didn’t appear the owner was aware of the situation when Ray was on the scene (so if this is your car, don’t kill the messenger. Which is Ray. Don’t kill Ray. And especially don’t kill me.).

But it doesn’t look like the damage is just to the car. It’s hard to make out in the photo after the jump, but the other end of the tree limb is resting on the power lines, which haven’t yet snapped.

A reader who lives very close to this location was just telling me last week about the awful condition of trees and power lines on the block. Many of the trees are leaning or twisted. East 19th Street’s sidewalks bare the scars of unkempt vegetation through lifted and cracked concrete. The power lines weave in and out of branches, many with stress put on them, and some of the poles are leaning as well.

Is this a cry for arboreal assistance? Do you know of other blocks in similar states?

Here are some more photos. The images are courtesy of MSniceguy, by way of Ray Johnson.