Photos: Two Trucks Collide On Emmons, May Have Been Caused By DOT Changes

Photo by Erica Sherman

Two trucks and a BMW sedan were involved in a minor fender-bender on Emmons Avenue and Sheepshead Bay Road, and it appears the accident may have been caused by recent changes to the road pattern by the Department of Transportation.

The accident occurred shortly after 12:30 p.m. today, as the two trucks came to the intersection. The vehicles grazed each other, and appeared to nick the BMW in between.

Residents and local leaders had previously warned that changes made to the intersection in September might cause such incidents. As part of a traffic calming measure, the Department of Transportation narrowed the westbound lanes of Emmons Avenue and widened the median near Sheepshead Bay Road. The new pattern required a subtle lane shift in the intersection, marked by a dotted line.

“While 99 percent of cars will [shift lanes at Sheepshead Bay Road] without an accident, it’s a very heavily trafficked roadway,” said Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s Chief of Staff Oswalt Heymann back in September, predicting future accidents.

At the time, Cymbrowitz sent a letter of concern to DOT brass. Heymann told Sheepshead Bites today that the assemblyman and DOT officials met to discuss altering or undoing the changes, but DOT has said they would not make any changes until spring of 2012.