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Photos: Turkish Cultural Center’s 6th Annual Friendship Dinner And Award Ceremony

TCC's Executive Director Murat Kaval presents Istanbul's Mayor Kadir Topbas with a gift at the annual Friendship Dinner (Source: TCC)

The Turkish Cultural Center of Brooklyn hosted its 6th annual Friendship Dinner and Award Ceremony on April 24, bringing together leaders and neighbors from all over Brooklyn’s diverse landscape to celebrate unity and peace building.

The gathering promotes peace and harmony in society by recognizing leaders from a variety of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds for their friendship and goodwill to others.

The event drew guests including Istanbul’s Mayor Kadir Topbas, Borough President Marty Markowitz, Turkish Consul General Levent Bilgen, State Senators Eric Adams and Kevin Parker, Assemblymembers Steven Cymbrowitz and Alec Brook Krasny – among many, many others.

Cymbrowitz was among those honored, as was Leonard Petlakh, executive director of the Kings Bay Y.

Photos courtesy of the TCC-Brooklyn.

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  1. Interesting personal fact re: Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, who I see was in attendance at the Friendship Dinner. In 1995, my mother’s brother passed away and Rabbi Potasnik led the funeral. I will never forget his eloquence and how he said all the right things, and struck just the perfect tone for the solemn affair. He was absolutely wonderful, and I had no idea he was such a well-known New York personality at the time, but, in subsequent years, when other family members passed on — my mother’s sister and her brother-in-law — again Rabbi Potasnik led the funerals.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how they were able to secure such an in-demand rabbi. We are simple folk — most of us aren’t college educated, we don’t have a lot of money — but somehow my family and I, during our time of grief, were honored to have with us such an compassionate, well-spoken and apparently very well known rabbi.

    If Rabbi Potasnik should ever Google himself and stumble up this post, I’d love for him to know how grateful my family and I will always be to him for his kindness.

  2. Who is the one promoting peace? Turks? I recommend you check the human rights abuses of Turks. They kill Kurds, ban their culture, ignore the very basic human rights of Kurds including disallowing them to speak their native language Kurdish, commit genocide against Armenians, don’t recognize the rights of the minorities in the country and many more. Turkey outnumbers all other European countries, including Russia, in terms of the numbers of cases currently waiting in European Court of Human Rights. 

  3. and the date of this dinner was April 24. Google the date and you find that on April 24, 1915 genoside against Armenian started. People have no memory


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