Photos: Top Brgr Hosts 1st Annual Burger Eating Competition

A last-minute entrant took the top prize at Top Brgr’s first annual Burger Eating Competition on Sunday, gobbling down more hamburgers than his younger, more experienced opponents.

Sheepshead Bay resident Mike Gordin, a barrel-chested, keg-stomached plumber, scoffed down six-and-a-half burgers in 10 minutes, defeating regulars on the amateur competitive eating circuit, other locals, and even neighborhood champion Alex Mamutin, who won a local cupcake eating contest last year.

At least one contestant made a run for the garbage can, tapping out less than halfway through the competition. When we asked the champion if he needed to join him after the contest, he laughed off any suggestion of such a ventral vulnerability.

“No, it’s okay,” Gordin said. “I feel good. Free lunch.”

Gordin won a $150 gift certificate to Top Brgr (2267 Emmons Avenue), two tickets to a Yankees game and a big ol’ trophy. Gordin was a surprise entrant, volunteering to join the competition after two scheduled competitors failed to show.


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