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Photos: Sheepshead Bay Boating Clubs Devastated By Sandy


Aside from the destruction of Emmons Avenue’s waterfront bungalows, Hurricane Sandy also left disaster and devastation at Sheepshead Bay’s boating clubs.

The worst hit was the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club (3076 Emmons Avenue), where boats, moorings and marinas all swept in from the ocean approximately 80 feet to the yacht clubs’s back porch, as you can see above.


Here are two more photos that give you an idea of the sheer scale of the debris on the yacht club’s property:

The entire property was submerged with water, and the vessels were tossed about amid planks of wood and boating equipment. The debris piled up at the property’s parking lot gate on Emmons Avenue:

The crashing waves eradicated the cinder block wall dividing the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club from Miramar Yacht Club (3050 Emmons Avenue):

When we stopped by on Tuesday, Miramar had already hauled off a lot of its debris, but its yard still had remains:

The building flooded, shattering its glass windows:

While the pier to their docks still stands, its planks were ripped out:


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  1. I’m having trouble drumming up sympathy for a bunch of rich boy’s toys when there are middle class families who are now homeless.

    I may get flamed for this, but it is what it is.

  2. But are you sure that the only people who rent yachts or do other stuff involving yacht clubs are rich people? I know little about yacht clubs so sorry if this is a dumb question.

  3. That is what I thought. The problem that affects everybody here, directly or indirectly, is that until the yacht clubs get fixed up again, Plumb Beach is missing several sources of socioeconomic growth.

    I had a feeling there was a big picture to be appreciated.

  4. I encourage you to go visit the yacht clubs when they’re back up and running. It’s not the kind of yacht club you see in movies – these are largely middle class or working class people from the neighborhood, and, instead of cars, or movies, or whatever, these boats are their hobbies (and, in some cases, their homes). And they’re pretty welcoming to non-members, not to mention long-time contributors to the community’s culture.

  5. There are actually 4 Clubs on the Bay that are predominantly middle class working people that do not all have boats. Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club, Miramar Yacht Club, Knights of Columbus Marina and Varuna Boat Club. For example, Varuna Boat Club, established 1875, has a membership where less than half actually have boats. These Clubs are sanctuaries, especially in the summer, where working class and professional families can escape and enjoy the company of other members who share many of the same interests…not to mention the ambiance of the Bay. You need to experience the annual Blessing of the Fleet, where all of these Clubs come together to share their blessings.

  6. Ned, you need to come a little further into the Bay to take a look at what happened from behind Fornetto’s, through Varuna and up to Stella Maris. At Varuna, we have a massive jumble of about 30 boats, on land, that were knocked around by the surge. FEMA will not help, so it’s up to the memberships to bring it all back.

  7. I was actually behind Il Fornetto after this post went up yesterday and saw a little of what you’re talking about. I tried to get some photos of Varuna when I stopped by earlier in the week, but no one was there to let me in. I also wanted to see how Stella’s pier held up, but, again, there was no one to talk to. I was lucky when I stopped by Marimar – their gate was a jar and I know some of the members well enough that I felt comfortable coming in, where I could also access SBYC. My report is in no way meant to be comprehensive – just intended to give readers an idea of what this means for our boating clubs, which are part of the fabric and culture of the community.

    Please do let me know how efforts are going, and feel free to send photos.

  8. I just remembered. There’s a member work party at the club today working on some clean-up. If you see no familiar faces, just mention that Ralph suggested you come in and take a look. As long as I am a member, (21 years now), you are always welcome.

  9. I am a former member of Miramar YC and I can tell you that the members are not rich boys with toys. Most are school teachers and small business owners. Most live in the area. None of the boats were big nor ostentatious. My friends who lived on Manhattan Beach are homeless.


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