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Photos: Scaffolding Collapses At Coney Island’s Amalgamated Warbasse Houses


A reader sent these photos in, showing that scaffolding has collapsed around the Amalgamated Warbasse Houses at 2800 West 5th Street on the Brighton Beach – Coney Island border.

We really hope no one has been hurt in this collapse, or in any of the other incidents we’re increasingly hearing about.


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  1. The management is absent again. The board must be voted out! They are not doing their job. We are being told that it may take 3 weeks to restore the power in Warbasse buildings. People have nowhere to go. No power. No water. The elderly are stuck in high floors and no one has helped them.

  2. No security, no management, at least they could post some updates…(like those unnecessary papers they put under the door every week ) People still with out water or electricity WTF ?!?!

  3. Is the rat problem real in Warbasse? They said the gas leak is fixed. Smell in the staircase of my building is horrendous. Why cant they use a generator to pump water into the roof tanks?

  4. As I just heard cheef of ConEd sitting in the truck by warrbasse and prommissed lights by tonight. Will keep my finguers crossed :)))

  5. Warbasse has been contending with two particular sets of circumstances that made restoration of electrical power especially
    challenging and time consuming. First, when the Warbasse buildings were constructed in the 1960s, critical electrical equipment, including the transformers for each building, were installed in sub-basements. This engineering decision may have made sense at the time, but now in retrospect it is clear than no one anticipated a corrosive salt water flood of the magnitude that we just experienced. Second, approximately eight years ago, a decision was taken to disconnect Warbasse from Consolidated Edison. This decision of the co-op board at the time may have resulted in saving money on electrical energy costs for Warbasse residents, but it put our apartment complex at a disadvantage,
    compared to other apartment complexes that remained customers of Con Ed, in not being able to access the extensive resources available to Con Ed – resources that Warbasse could never afford on its own. These two strategic issues will have to be addressed by management and the board at a later date.

  6. warbasse was NEVER a con ed customer. it and its sister mitchell lama coops all had their own power plants.


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