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Photos: Polar Bear Club’s New Year’s Swim


A record-breaking 1,500 people hit the shores of Coney Island on Saturday for the Polar Bear Club’s annual swim.

The waters were a brisk 35 degree, but that didn’t stop revelers from diving in, with many wearing nothing more than a speedo.

Ever wonder what that must feel like?

“It was like 10,000 knives stabbing you at once!,” Tim Henshall told the Daily News. “It’s a great way to remind you you’re alive.”

It’s true; when I need a reminder that I’m not dead, I stab myself repeatedly.

Luckily for us, reader Lloyd Mitchell was on hand to take these shots. Thanks Lloyd!

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  1. how many thin people got sick? Because couple of these guys on the picture ..clearly dont need to worry about hyperthermia.

  2. I go every year & it’s really crazy in Coney New Years Day lol. The crazy dress ware people put on it’s a lot of fun. The marching band is the best when they go onto the beach to bring all the swimmers down to the water. Music is great on the boardwalk. This year the only thing open was Ruby’s I am sure there was about 1500 swimmers shaking there booty lol.


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