Photos: Pacino, Goodman on Film Set

Al Pacino in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay was seeing stars once again this past Tuesday when Al Pacino and John Goodman returned to film a few more shots for their film You Don’t Know Jack on Batchelder Street and Avenue U. I ran out to get a few photos, but didn’t get anything more than a shot of Tony Montana himself walking away from me.

However, our good friends at Fillmore Real Estate headquarters, where the scene was being filmed, sent us a few inside photos of the stars and gave us some backstory about what’s going on there. According to Fillmore broker Howard Witz, the office has been converted into a replica of the law offices and campaign headquarters of Geoffrey Feiger (played by Danny Huston), who represented Kevorkian. Fillmore Real Estate CEO/President John Reinhardt is also making a quick cameo in the film, as an attorney going about his work.

Reinhardt was invited to lunch with the director and stars, a tale recounted on Fillmore’s blog:

On having lunch with the film’s director,  Barry Levinson (Rainman, The Natural, Sleepers, Wag The Dog…) and crew, John said: “As lunchtime was approaching, Barry and the crew were asking me for suggestions on where to eat. I let them know of all the great places in the neighborhood: Brennan and Carr, Randazzo’s, and the new pizzeria across the street, Del Corso. ”
Ultimately, he was invited to eat lunch with them. “At first, I was sitting at the table and they all seemed to be a bit stand-offish,” said John Reinhardt. “I’m assuming it was because I was the only person at the table who wasn’t in show business. After about five minutes, though, somebody mentioned the real estate market. Before I knew it, everyone was asking me for tips on home-buying. It was great!”

Witz says that filming will wrap up tomorrow, and we’ve also heard that there are signs around Michael’s Restaurant on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue P indicating a shoot there tomorrow.

Below is a collection of photos from Witz and a few of the outside by me. Don’t forget to check out Fillmore’s blog, which has a ton more photos.


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