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Photos: Nemo Strikes In Bensonhurst, And Our Readers Have A Little Fun In The Snow


Winter storm Nemo rolled through the region Friday night, covering Southern Brooklyn in about nine inches of snow.

How did Bensonhurst react? Like a bunch of school kids, having fun with some snowballs.

Reader Laura Whitman decided to mark the occasion, carving the storm’s name into a snow-covered car.

“2013 Nemo” – aye, we’ll never forget.

Meanwhile, Annabella Perrone snapped some shots with family and friends, such as this one where she’s about to get nailed by a snowball:

On the other hand, we hope  reader “nectanelson” raised her kids, Joseph and Dominick, well enough to know not to try chucking one of these at mama:

On a side note: what’s with Bensonhurst’s reluctance to take photos? Aside from the awesome contributors mentioned above, we were surprised to see so few submissions. At first we thought it was us, like we had bad breath and no one wanted to tell us or something. But then we turned to Flickr and other photosharing sites to see if we could find any other Nemo photos from around our coverage area. The result? Zilch. There were photos from just about every neighborhood in Brooklyn – except Bensonhurst.

We object! Prove the internetz wrong! Take those fancy-shmancy phones we know you have, or a standard point and shoot, or an iPad or DSLR or any kind of crazy image-capturing device seemingly built into everything these days, and get shooting!

Bensonhurst 4eva (in photos)!

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