Photos: Neighbors Reporting Falling Trees All Over Southern Brooklyn

After hours of listening to the police scanner, it’s clear – the biggest problem this storm is causing so far is trees falling on power lines. Our readers have filled our inbox with photos of fallen trees, and more come in every minute. The worst of Hurricane Sandy is still to come, and more trees are bound to fall. Please remember to stay indoors and away from any trees, and if power lines are knocked down do not go anywhere near them. Report downed trees to 311 and downed power lines to 911.

The enormous sucker above came down with a thunderous crash on East 21st Street at Avenue W, blocking roadways. Sheepshead Bites’ own Robert Fernandez sent it in, saying it happened around 4:20 p.m.

This one was sent to us by Max T. in Manhattan Beach. That community saw a lot of big ol’ trees knocked down during Hurricane Irene, as well as other previous storms.

Edmond Dweck of the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association sent us this photo of another fallen tree in Manhattan Beach, which he said was the first in the neighborhood to go:

Avi took this video and some photos of a fallen tree on what appears to be Bedford Avenue:

Reader Melissa K. has witnessed four trees down already. Here’s one on Avenue V, between Coyle Street and Ford Street. She says the entire Nostrand Houses walkway is blocked:

Andrey S. reports to us that a tree fell on a house on East 27th Street, near Kings Highway:

This one fell down on Shore Parkway and Bragg Street, block the road, said Alex M.:

In Brighton Beach, Paul M. tells us about this one that tumbled over on Brighton Beach Avenue and Brighton 14th Street. I just want to say “Brighton” one more time. Brighton.

When a tree falls in the street, that’s not so bad. When it falls onto your home, well, tough luck, as the owners of this house on Avenue V off East 28th Street learned. Scott S. snapped the photo.

That’s it for now. I’m pretty sure we’ll have another set of fallen tree photos to show you later. You can send photos to Please include the name you’d like us to credit, and the time and location of the photo. Thanks!

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  1. Trees and lines down should be reported to 311 not 911. 911 should be kept clear for serious emergencies only.

  2. My husband almost got hit by the tree on Avenue W and East 21st. If he didn’t have to stop at the stop sign on Avenue W on the other side of East 21st he would have been hit by the tree.

  3. At this point, a down power line is not an emergency as no one should be outside so no one is in danger of being hurt by it. It should be reported to ConEd and/or 311. 911 is ONLY for physical and/or life threatening situations.

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