Photos: Murder In Marine Park (…Not Really)

Bad weather can really bring out the worst in people. Especially nature lovers who love their parks. And when your local park, your tiny oasis is a vast metropolis, gets flooded you nature lovers really go on the prowl.

That was apparently the case in Marine Park. Rather than pull out a kayak and make the most of a large pool of water that formed in Brooklyn’s largest park, some nature lover decided to destroy something beautiful. So he or she got out his or her hunting knife and destroyed, well, something beautiful. And pink. And fuzzy.

Reader Daniel McGowan sent in these photos, with the message:

A large pool formed in the field in Marine Park. For some reason, someone murdered a stuffed monkey and dumped it’s decapitated body in the water. This hurricane is really stripping us of our humanity.

For realz, Daniel. This madness has got to stop.