Photos: Mermaid Parade 2010

As I mentioned on Sunday, I went down to Coney Island to enjoy this year’s Mermaid Parade. And by “enjoy,” I emphatically mean “to be there and not work.” So I hung out, had una cerveza on the beach, watched the parade after a meal at Pio Pio Riko (muy bien!), then hit up the Cyclones’ opening game (courtesy of‘s Brian Hedden).

It was a glorious day; unfortunately, I had no photos for you lovely readers.

But then you all came to save my butt. We received a couple hundred photos from readers who attended the parade, which we slash-and-burned down to 147. The theme of the parade was unquestionably, “Screw BP and the oil spill, we’re mermaid survivors!” Some in the crowd were discussing if it was appropriate. But then again, there are tons of tit-wielding bombshells marching down the boardwalk – where the heck does “appropriate” come into play in Coney Island?!

All photos courtesy of nolastname, Ariela Baranov, Nelson Wan and Alissa Ambrose. Thanks guys!