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Photos: Marshalls Madness! Store Swarmed On Grand Opening Day


It’s not even two hours since doors opened, and hundreds of people have already flocked to the new Marshalls at 1623 Avenue Y for the grand opening.

We’ve received several e-mails already from passers-by stunned at the long lines, as residents look for deals and giveaways for the clothing store’s opening celebration.

Reader Elaine L. sent in these photos, which show the line wrapping around the building, up East 17th Street, as security keeps watch and slowly let people in. Management, meanwhile, appears to be distributing raffle tickets to the crowd.

The celebration continues until 10:00 p.m.

Are you planning a visit to Marshalls today for the grand opening?

UPDATE (10:49 a.m.): Reader PayPaul just e-mailed about what he saw, and sent three more photos.

He wrote:

It was quite a turnout this morning for the grand opening of the Marshalls of Sheepshead Bay. We’ve finally got the final touch to the suburbanization of this nabe. Some hardy shoppers showed up as early as 6am to be the first in the doors of this brand new building that resembles the one across the street. Coffee from Dunkin Donuts was being served to those early birds with smiles and suits all around to signify the importance of this occasion. A raffle for those in line and other activities are in store today for the participants. I was waiting for the brass band to show up but maybe the Doody’s next door will be host to it as there was a fellow steam cleaning the parking lot to that long revered hardware store. It will be a welcome change to the area to have this fashion discounter here as the choices for clothing here I find rather thin.

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  1. The line was not wrapped around the building. In fact it was very casual. The earliest hardy shopper did show up at 6am. I took some photos earlier that showed much of the same as what is shown here. 

  2. Why would you wait in line for Marshalls?  Its not like twice a year sale in Saks or warehouse sale at Barneys.  Its Marshalls with “made in china” cheap clothing for cheaper. You can get much better deals (without paying more) online or at sample sales.
    Just another traffic generating useless store in Sheepshead. 

  3. My block has been like a sandwhich since about 7 this morning. I am right down the block on 17th. Traffic jam on Ave Y already. No sign for rooftop parking either and people did not know about the parking lot on the roof. They are parking in Stop & shop also by Doodys lot. They were handed out water and ran out in 1 hour they went to get more. Lets see how this goes I am sure it will do good at the location.

  4.  I would not be that negative about Marshalls IG. How much is made in America anymore? Go to Macy’s, Saks or Barney’s and you’ll find “made in China” or some other country all over the place. As I wrote to Ned, we need a wider choice of clothing stores in the area. Value Depot or “1/2 price Clothing” or the $8.99 store on Avenue U that sells primarily women’s clothes is not my idea of choice. As far as generating traffic Doody’s could use the business. I’d like to see that store remain as staple retail store for years to come in Sheepshead Bay. The economy still hasn’t kicked into high gear and Marshalls could also be a good source of employment.

    I welcome Marshalls!

  5. I am very disappointed in your photo coverage. I expected more. There I was    on line at 7:30 about 100-150 people ahead of me and you did NOT get me in any of the pics? (Joke-Joke)
    It was fun squeezing through the crowds inside and overall everyone was polite and considerate of their fellow shoppers. I spent $81 even. Bought nothing I needed but somethings for gifts and such.
    I did get my FREE Marshalls tote! A .99 value for sure. LOL

  6.  So those that park in Stop & Shop and Doody’s will make purchases there as well. That’s good for all concerned. It will let up once the day progresses. This is Sheepshead Bay not Manhattan. We should be grateful it’s not the Iphone5 release day. Of course I recall on one of the releases of that product the local Radio Shack let people know they were out of it very quickly.

  7. I was wondering how they were going to restock the shelves mid-day. There really was no room to move and goods were flying out the door.
    Can I come sit on your porch and take pics? LOL

  8. is it very odd that stores like marshalls do so well while really awesome stores like Daffy’s is going out of business?!

  9. While I also welcome them to the neighborhood, it was somewhat disappointing to see this was a smaller scale store as compared to other Marshall’s stores in the five boroughs. Case in point being the space allocated to the men’s shoe selection. While not huge, other stores do have a larger section. They also had a smaller (single) tie rack. I overheard another customer say the TJ Maxx off Kings Highway was better, and I find it hard to disagree.

    While they might have had pick of the lot from the warehouse for an opening day selection, the prices were the same as would be found at any other Marshall’s the same day. Having seen that, it was funny to see the merchandise fly off the shelves all the same.

  10. I suppose you don’t frequent Marshall’s enough to have seen Canali sport coats or Brooks Brothers ties (not the irregulars), but I have. It’s just more prevalent in their older stores, where perhaps the manager or others involved with divvying up of stock have more pull, and even more so since Filene’s has kicked the bucket. Loehmann’s doesn’t have a 100% lock on high-end discounts.

  11. Are you serious? Do people work anymore? Get off welfare and get a job and stop milking the government with my tax money..!!!

  12. Hmm……i think people forgot what a stop light is….

    Cause J walking on a Green light is just stupid….Man in red shirt holding Marshals bag… be lucky i have good reflex.

  13. Not all Marshalls or Loehmanns are the same…. that’s true.  The Loehmanns in midtown is very different then the one on Emmons.  The Century store in Long Island is MUCH better then the one in Brooklyn.  However, if this Marshalls is anything like the one on 86th street, then I do not welcome it. 
    By the way, you can buy Brooks Brothers in Woodbury outlet on sale at cheap, no need to go through racks of junk in Marshall’s to find anything good.
    As for Macys and other stores selling “made in china”, that’s true.  I didn’t say I like those stores either.  However, Macy’s (eg: Herald Sq. Macys) does offer great discounts and coupons, etc.. where you can actually buy some nice Tahari, RL, etc… at great discounts without digging through junk.
    Not to say its all bad going through ‘junk’ to find a ‘jem’.  I loved Daffys (the one on 34th) where you can often find designer clothes at great discounts (shame its closing).
    Marshall’s creating jobs is less benefitial when compared to traffic jams it will create on already overcrowed Y (and don’t think they will hire managers or much staff locally).  Also, any “discount” store (same as a pawn shop) lowers the value of the neighbourhood as it assumes the “discount shopper” is there and there are finantial troubles in the population residing there. 

  14. Guess its time to get the tow trucks to the area for illegal parking on Stop&Shop and Doody’s parking lot 🙂  I doubt that everyone going to Marshalls and parking at other stores is actually going to other stores.

  15. SOOOOO sad over Daffy’s…. They have 25-40% off now.  next week should be 30-50%.  The on on Herald Sqr. is closing in October so I’m just waiting for it to discount more, but am still going there every week to find some “new arrival” jems. People who shopped ‘designer’ in Daffy’s will now shop sample sales.  People who shopped ‘regular’ stuff at Daffy’s will now go to Marshalls.  Daffys was like a “upper-middle class” of discount stores whcih is disappearing like a “middle class” income.

  16. Whereabouts in Brooklyn is the Woodbury outlet? 😉

    Brooklynites, like Manhattanites, often don’t own a car for being in a city with so many public transport options. That puts Woodbury beyond the average “was passing by, so I thought I’d browse” local retail opportunities.

    Also, while it’s rarer, Marshall’s has carried brands too high-end for some of the stores you mentioned. These are the pieces that arrive almost by chance, and tantalize enough to keep customers coming back to browse the racks.

    Oh, and the tie rack is never so crowded that a Brooks tie doesn’t stand out.

  17. I was thinking the same thing to restock the shelves in the middle of the afternoon lol. I have a birds eye view from my porch lol

  18. Yes its on East 17th right at the end of the building just before Doodys parking lot.
    I think they have 180 parking spaces up on the roof. That I would love to find out how many spaces there are. That’s what I meant a lot of people did not know about the parking lot on the roof.

  19. You mean like everyone already does at CVS, Stop N Shop, Petco, and Doodys? Park all day for free and never once walk into any of these stores? 

  20. You make very valid points in your first paragraph. The same can be said of our Stop and Shop. I have friends in Westbury and Bay Shore, and have frequented the S&S stores out there. Let me tell you, their stores, though having the same products, seem to get produce, and other perishables that are always in pristine condition, in stores, that are obviously much better maintained! Though I do like our Stop and Shop, I find this shameful, for we do get the short end of the stick, on this one!

  21. I drove past there today after 4pm.  I thought things would be calmed down by then, but wow – was I wrong!  The lines were still outside waiting to get in.  I’ll check it out another day.

  22.  Tax money didn’t finance this event. Good old fashioned and simple capitalism did. No Mortgage based derivatives were involved and small animals and children were not harmed.

  23. Yes you are correct I asked someone at the store and that’s what they told me.
    It looks like more but we shall see.

  24. Yes  they do that all the time there if you are not shopping I seen it done also. The tow is up the block just before the corner.

  25. The Marshalls in Stamford, Connecticut is pretty nice. Clean, organized and had some really nice things. 

  26. So very true. In fact, Chinese workers have also been brought in to work in those textile-producing regions of Italy. “Made in Italy” simply doesn’t carry the weight it used to. I would buy vintage Italian apparel, if any.

  27.  Daffy’s used to be somewhat outré place to shop. Much fun. It’s been years since I’ve been in one and I suspect that they went more mainstream over the years. The potential for bigger profits is offset by the increased competition.

  28. Most of what you buy in these “outlet” stores,is actually made to be sold there. They fool you into thinking that you are getting discounted left overs,from a high end store.

  29. I don’t think anyone is “fooled” into believing most Marshalls merchandise is from high-end stores. However, virtually everything there IS clearance or liquidated merchandise from other stores, or overstock directly from manufacturers that was intended for stores. It’s not like some dollar store which sells 70% or more merchandise made for such shops.

  30. They have you fooled. It is mostly clothing that is made to be sold in outlet stores. Where do you think the thousands of outlet stores get their stock?

  31. Marshalls is not an outlet store. But you are correct in that the outlet store merchandise is mostly made for outlet stores. They don’t try to hide it. A lot of them state “Gap Outlet”.

  32. Come on…. you can always take a bus from city to Woodbury.  How else do you think all the tourists get there?  And as for driving to Woodbury, it actually pays to rent a car for 1 day for 60$ and drive there compared to how much you can save.  Valentino Shoes for 200$ vs 700$.  Even Lancome cosmetics with 15% off + additional 20% off… when you think about 90$ cream + all the makeup you can buy, its a nice saving.  And Brooks polo shirts for 30$ or YSL shoes for 300$ vs 1000$?  Sample sales and real Outlets are they best way to shop.  Especially when you are so close to the city, its a shame to not utilize sample sales (or even online ones for remote residences)

  33. That’s a shopping trip. Marshalls relies heavily on passers-by. Most of us won’t be walking by the BB outlet unless we drive, or take the bus, there. 🙂

  34. […] Photos: Marshalls Madness! Store Swarmed On Grand Opening Day As for Macys and other stores selling “made in china”, that's true. I didn't say I like those stores either. However, Macy's (eg: Herald Sq. Macys) does offer great discounts and coupons, etc.. where you can actually buy some nice Tahari, RL, etc… at … Read more on Sheepshead Bites […]


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