Photos: Manhattan Beach Is Under Water!

Reader and Manhattan Beach resident Max T. just sent us a raft of photos (Hah! Get it?!) that show the extent of flooding in Manhattan Beach.

Given that water levels are expected to rise by quite a bit more later today, and then the winds will push the surge in, I’m starting to think all those Manhattan Beach tough guys who told us they were sticking it out probably should have gotten out of there. I hope it’s not too late.

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  1. People are going to need to learn that their cars can stall in too much water, leaving them stranded, and flash floods can easily sweep them away. Do you know anyone who can do a quick write up on the safety in driving in heavy rains/water? I honestly don’t know or I would do it myself and ask you to post it.

  2. We had storm in August 1996 when Manhattan Beach received something like 6 inches of rain on 2 hours. The news didn’t even cover the storm because it only affected Staten Island and Brooklyn. Manhattan only got about an inch of rain. My six-month old car was parked in my garage which is below grade and was flooded up to the seats. It had to be scrapped.

  3. No. It is the bay overflowing which is what happened after Hurricane Irene. So far the ocean has been fine, The water has not yet reached the Promenade. It is only about half way there.

  4. I can’t believe I can’t get a straight answer to this question. When a hurricane hits you should go to the basement but if your basement is flooded then what is your safest bet? closest to ground level or far away from it such as a closet on the 2nd floor? Where to take cover when there is flooding?

  5. A little of good news. The place on photos is Amherst Ave. Just went there. The water is gone. No flood for now. Stay safe

  6. You’re in zone A or B, double check on the resource page, you might want to leave before you get flooded in.

  7. When were these pictures taken? I was there 30 minutes ago and did not see any water whatsoever.

  8. I live in a basement apartment, been staying at my parents house since yesterday and going to be here until Tuesday. I unplugged all the electronics in my apartment and put them on a table. If there’s flooding, all that stuff shouldn’t get ruined plus theres no wires on the floor now. I also made sure to close all the windows. Anyone reading this right now who is in a basement apartment, you are very vulnerable. Find a safer place while there’s still some time.

  9. That’s just outside of Zone A:) Windy, some branches are down. One car damaged by a large branch. A portion of a tree down on X&E23rd

  10. So sorry to see Sheepshead Bay taking such a beating from this storm. I’m also so glad that I moved to San Diego.

  11. What is going on now?whats the results from last night at Manhattan beach?
    Let us know & show pics,anybody know something about Beaumont st.?

  12. Does anyone know any first responders in Manhattan Beach? I’m reposting from a friend on Facebook with elderly parents in Manhattan Beach. This is the post:
    :I am trying to reach out to anyone I know who has any ties to city government and potential rescuers. My elderly parents did not evacuate Manhattan Beach in Zone A and neither did almost all their neighbors. They are on the block of Exeter Street between Sheepshead Bay and Hampton Avenue in zip code 11235. The water ha
    s made it up to the first floor of the house. They have gone up to the 2nd floor. Is there anyone who can rescue them and their neighbors tomorrow morning before the next high tide? I am scared how much higher it will go. Their power and phone is out. Thank you, Sandi

  13. Yes – please – any news about the middle blocks between Hampton Ave and Oriental Blvd? Any news when power and phones may be restored?

  14. Does anybody have any information on Pembroke Street in Manhattan Beach? I have been unable to reach friends there, and with information on power being restored, I am becoming more and more worried. If anybody has any idea of what Pembroke is like, how badly it’s been flooded, would you please kindly post? Thank you!

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