Photos: Golden Honors Gerritsen’s Sandy Volunteers At Appreciation Dinner

Photo by Max Bolotov.
On Thursday, in light of National Volunteer Week, State Senator Marty Golden held an appreciation dinner honoring dozens of those neighbors who lent at hand in Gerritsen Beach in the terrifying hours after Superstorm Sandy battered the New York coastline, despite the fact that many of them suffered their own trials due to the storm’s waters.

Golden handed out citations at Buckley’s Restaurant (2926 Avenue S) to “

community residents who have proven  to  be  extraordinary  in  their volunteerism, dedicated to helping during Hurricane Sandy, special events and community organizations,” including Father Farrell of Resurrection Church, who opened the institution’s doors to serve as an evacuation center and shelter.

Also honored was

Rose Coulson from the Ancient Order of Hibernians, who organized opening the facility despite its disrepair from the storm, and rallied volunteers and services to help the community.

Linda Cupo and Tracy Ambrose from the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners and Volunteer Fire Department were manning the Vollies Hall everyday throughout the aftermath of the storm, serving hot meals and doling out supplies.

John Murphy was a huge help running the shelter at Resurrection Church, acting as the director of the shelter spending countless hours at the church during the first week following the storm.  He continued to volunteer at the Ancient Order of Hibernians, following the closing of the Resurrection Shelter.

A full list of those honored can be found below the photo gallery.

Photos by Max Bolotov.

Full list of honorees:

Carol Aiuto
Jerry Allore
Tracy Ambrose
Barbara Berardelli
Robert Berardelli
Michael Bianco
Claire Bianco
Todd Bilgore
Theresa Bilgore
Chris Bilgore
Marcello Bobbio
Lauren Brenner
Jenna Brenner
George Broadhead
Pat Burke
John Burrafato
Joyce Burrafato
Shawn Byrne
Eileen Byrnes
Donna Byrnes
Teddy Casey
Mike Castro Jr.
Donielle Cattafo
Paul Cattafo
Dell Coe
Anne Cornman
Robert Cosgrove
Arlene Cosgrove
Rose Coulson
Linda Cupo
Nicholas Curatallo
Maria D’Alessandro
Charles D’Alessandro
Sal D’Alessio
Adam Diamond
Princess DiCresento
Arthur DiCresento
John Diodato
Billy Dong
James Donovan
Thomas Donovan
Justin Donovan
John Douglas
Mary Douglas
Nicholas Farina
Fr.Dennis Farrell
Joan Ferrara
Tom Foster
Denise Garrett
Lucille Garrett
Sr. Elizabeth Graham
JoAnn Gunderson
Missy Haggerty
Lena Hawk
Christine Holland
Michael Hughes
James Ivaliotis
Maria Ivaliotis
Sean Jensen
Jessica Jensen
Elaine Kaplan
James Krins
John Manzola
Bridget Mitchell
John Mooney
Audrey Mullins
John Murphy
Walter Paleski
Angela Parente
Sean Peterson
Richard Resnick
Lois Robb
Nanci Roden
Tiffany Ruggerio
Dawn Salgine
Kim Schroder
Treena Sherman
Rina Smokovich
Rosemary Sullivan
Joseph Tiralongo
Patrice Trivelli
Rosemary Vega
Eddie Velinskie
Maryann Weber
Michael Zwosta
Teresa Zwosta
Glenn Zykofsky
Barbara Zykofsky


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