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Photos: Floyd Bennett Used As Staging Ground For Sandy Recovery


Anyone who has tried to visit Floyd Bennett Field since Superstorm Sandy rolled through more than three weeks ago has discovered that the site is no longer open to the public, turning into what appears to be a makeshift military base.

Well, it ain’t wartime on the Hudson, but the federal parkland is being used by the National Guard, FEMA, emergency response vehicles and more.

Reader Joe  Bonserio, a Bites reader and gardener at the park, sent us the accompanying photos taken last week that show some of the activity.

Many of the vehicles you see, including the ambulances, were brought in from around the country to assist following the flooding.

A spokesperson for the National Parks Service confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that Floyd Bennett would remained closed until further notice. All recovery activities at Gateway are being done through the Incident Command System, managed by FEMA.

The last time we can recall seeing Floyd Bennett Field hosting such a spectacle was after the September 11 attacks. We hope we never see it again.

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  1. I think most readers can agree that the response of All city agencies (except Sanitation dept), fema military has been very poor in the sheepshead bay community. We were hit just as bad if not worse as some other parts of the city but it took almost 2 weeks to see even 1 national guard convoy in our neigborhood. Shame on you To all who have failed our community!

    P.S. nyc sanitation dept gets a A+++

  2. I wonder how all the military vehicles got there? Did they drive? Or get dropped off by the navy via the ocean? Or get airlifted in by the air force? I know, I know, I have a vivid imagination.

  3. I always had the idea that the field was never a real national park. there are areas that are or were always off limits and you would be arrested for accidentally entering them. This was a military base masquerading as a national park. They may be doing some good, but my suspicions have been confirmed. This is NOT a recreational area.

  4. Just to dispel any conspiracy theory, i was with a group led by someone that entered the “wrong area” . The police came running and targeted me for some reason. the stopped in front of me. Another time they came running and it was another group in the”wrong area”. I was legitimately camping one night and we decided to take a night hike on the north forty trail. Well, they came running again. With so much harassment do you really think I want to go back? Now is this really a national park, or a police state?

  5. I have to disagree with your suspicions. Aviator is a good use of the space. Also, there’s a a RCC flying club that meets on the weekends and there’s Hanger B in the back where they are restoring vintage aircraft. It’s always open to the public. There’s also an archery range and I think there’s some kind of urban camp ground. A canoe club meets in the back by the water. There’s lots of open space if you want a rigorous traffic free workout on your bike. I would mention the community gardens but I think I think they’re going to be bulldozed to make way for a gas monitoring station. I sure the hope the builders spare no expense in making it flood and hurricane proof.

  6. Oh yeah, the community gardens. Why are there “no trespassing” signs there? It was a great place to stop for water while biking there. Can you answer that one? Again, in a national park there should be nothing like that.

  7. I know of an incident in the 90’s, I was told a plane came up out of the underground hanger…..went straight up! The ssecurity asked what the person saw “Nothing” was the reply and that was the end of it.

  8. Because people put time and effort into those gardens and little punks like to mess things up. I have yet to see an adult stopping for a drink bothered by security and have been there dozens of times taking pics.

  9. The signs are to keep thieves from taking what is not theirs. I have never seen anyone chased while stopping for water after riding their bike. All National Parks have off limit spaces. The public should not be allowed to wander where ever they want.

  10. Yep, even in Jamaica Bay the rangers ask you to stay on the gravel paths. Pull a sandwich out of your bag and you are asked to go to the picnic tables.
    Try a scoop up plants or baby turtles and it is trouble big time.

  11. Maybe it will stay closed while they insltall the illegal gas transfer plant brought to us by Congressmen Grimm and Turner!


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