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Photos: Dragons Fight And Children Play At 61st Precinct’s Night Out Against Crime

Members of the 61st Precinct Community Council and Captain John Chell pose with NYFK Sport Center’s Chinese dragons, which danced during the event.

The officers, auxiliary force, leaders and community council of the NYPD’s 61st Precinct celebrated another stellar Night Out Against Crime, with hundreds of children and their parents taking to the precinct’s lot and adjacent street to celebrate a safe community.

With a heated election year, there were tons of local elected officials and candidates on hand, hobnobbing with neighbors while their children ate free burgers, danced to the DJ, were dazzled by a musician, and took home their own personalized airbrushed t-shirts.

It was the 30th year of the event, and the 61st Precinct is known to throw one of the most extravagant affairs of all the Brooklyn precincts. The event is celebrated in more than 15,000 communities across all 50 states, representing the communities reclaiming their streets from violence and crime.

While there was a lot to love about this year’s event – did you see the dragons?! – my favorite part was the impromptu performance by 3-year-old Jordan Wong, who burst out in dance to Gangnam Style and drew a large audience. We caught most of it on video, below, and Jordan was eager to do it for the crowd again, a not-so-uncommon occurrence according to his father Kuey.

“He’ll do it again. He’ll do it any time. He’s crazy about it,” Wong said about his son. The Wongs live in Bensonhurst and came along with NYFK Sport Center, a group based on 20th Avenue, which performed during the Night Out.

Here are some of the photos of the event, shot by me and Erica Sherman.

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  1. Ari, what are u doing there? Do something, stop taking pictures. And this person wants to be our new councilman? G-d forbid. Hope our community
    Wake up and listen at least once what he is talking about.
    Shame on us.

  2. Night out against crime in Sheepshead Bay, and its’ environs is a misnomer, and really not necessary. Truth be told, we fortunately live in one of the nicest and safest neighborhoods in all the five boroughs of New York City! And we have some of the friendliest and neighborly folks around!! Das va danya, everybody!!!

  3. I was told that yesterday candidates forum took place in Manhattan Beach Jewish Center. I have no idea who said what but according to Ari’s Facebook page “debates were wonderful and he appreciates his supporters”.
    Ari has nothing in “his packet” except pictures and list of politicians and unions supporting him. I am wondering if there is anyone who doesn’t see it. People wake up!

  4. Man you guys are all about the Ari hate. I don’t even get what he’s doing that’s so bad. There are pictures of Michael Grimm, Chaim, Theresa and even David Storobin as well…why doesn’t anyone complain about that?

    “Do something?” Yeah, because all the other candidates are doing great things in these photos.

    So much hate here it’s ridiculous, I don’t even think Ari is that amazing, but the level of unfounded hate here is overwhelming.

  5. I had a great time and there was plenty of information around for people to read and understand what our city and community has to offer. Every year I attend. The children who did the dragon dances where great.


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