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Photos: Dozens Pitch In To Clean Up Sheepshead Bay Road


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The following is a press release from Councilman Chaim Deutsch:

Council Member Chaim Deutsch is pleased to announce the success of his first community clean-up event that drew nearly 100 volunteers to Sheepshead Bay Road on Sunday. Armed with rakes, shovels and brooms, volunteers turned out to pick up trash from neighborhood streets.

“We’re taking pride in our neighborhoods – block by block across our district. Coming out and volunteering is sending a message to violators that we demand a clean neighborhood,” Deutsch stated. “Cleaner streets promote social and economic improvement, whilst giving our children and families a clean, safe place to reside.”

This event, the first in a series of clean-ups in Council Member Deutsch’s district, aims to promote unity and community activism, all the while drawing attention to the Council Member’s top priority: cleaner streets. Council Member Deutsch is proud to have funded various clean-up initiatives in this year’s budget and is actively reaching out to local small business owners to educate them on ways to keep storefronts clean.

“Many thanks to the Department of Sanitation for their commitment to working with me to promote cleanliness, as well as for the donation of gloves and garbage bags and the loan of brooms, shovels, dustpans and rakes,” said Deutsch. “Together we are making our neighborhoods an even better place to live, work, and do business.”

Please contact Council Member Deutsch’s office at 718-368-9176 to learn more about future community clean-up events or to share suggestions that will help Deutsch address problem areas.

The next Community Clean-Up Event will be held on August 17th on Avenue U.

All photos courtesy of Councilman Deutsch’s office.

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  1. Check out the porcelain throne abandoned on East 16 Street and Gravesend Neck Road. Somewhere, a bathroom is missing a seat.

  2. Good to see. I remember when the Sanitation Dept. used to power wash under the Belt Parkway overpass on Sheepshead Bay Rd. and under the train station. That hasn’t been done in may years.

  3. When are you going to clean up Ave. U. The filthy displays stands for the fruit store that was right next to the laundromat on E. 16 is disgusting. It needs to be removed. How about doing something about the fruit store on E.16th St. & Ave., that blocks the corner and the block of E.16th St. They even display their produce in the GUTTER. ALL THIS IS DONE AFTER 4 PM. This has been going on for years, yet nothing is ever done about it. It is a hazard when you try to pass the corner or walk on E. 16 St.
    I have faith in Mr. Deutsch to do something about this situation, as he is new on the job and would like us to reelect him, when he runs again. Don’t you Mr. Deutsch?

  4. Ave U is a disaster as it is. There are to many fruit stores all on Ave U. I think the store owners should power wash their premises it should be their responsibility. Years go it was never like this. They don’t even sweep. This is my opinion.

  5. Why are commenting without reading? Avenue U clean-up-August 17. And you are right ,Mr. Deutsch is new on the job but he has done more than others who are old on the job. Doesn’t he?

  6. Why is Councilman Deutsch thanking the Sanitation Department? If it had been doing its job, this event would have been unnecessary. Besides, how soon before Sheepshead Bay Road reverts to its old filthy self? A one time cleanup does nothing to address the cleanliness of our neighborhoods in the long term. I can’t help but think that this event was little more than a political stunt.


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