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Photos: Car Vandals Break In To Several Cars In Manhattan Beach


Vandals broke in to at least seven cars on Hampton Avenue in Manhattan Beach last night, leaving shattered glass and debris scattered across the sidewalks.

The incidents occurred in the middle of the night, with seven cars hit on Hampton Avenue between Coleridge Street and Brighton 14th Street, reports resident Zvi G., who sent in these photos of the leftovers.

Police were seen on-scene with car owners this morning. Zvi was not a victim and could not say if any items were taken from the cars.

Car break-ins have plagued the neighborhood for some time, and remains one of the toughest challenges for the 61st Precinct according to its commander, Captain John Chell.

The incident follows on the heels of a previous rash of break-ins in the neighborhood just two weeks ago, when several cars on Shore Boulevard, Hampton Avenue and Emmons Avenue were hit. Earlier this year, several cars were broken into in Homecrest, and last year and in 2010, large sprees occurred on the poorly-lit Shore Parkway streets.

Chell discussed the issue at the most recent 61st Precinct Community Council meeting, reminding residents that the police will continue to do their best, but residents also need to step it up by not leaving items – no matter how small – inside the car, and especially not in open view.

“We, collectively, I think we’re all guilty. We run to the store, running late to be home, we leave our bag in the car and we make mistakes. And it kind of hurts us,” Chell said at the meeting.

Here are more photos of last night’s auto-carnage:

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  1. This has happened several times in Sheepshead Bay. (Shore parkway – Including my car twice) when i spoke with the cops from the 61st, they told me that these are likely kids who are hired by a gang of adult crooks, since the kids cant receive extended prison terms. (If they would get any at all). I than told the cops that we have it all on Video, (My landlord has cameras that recorded it all) which clearly showed an adult male in his 40’s or 50’s, to which they told me, “the city does not make money off of this, and we have homicides to solve”. “Go collect from your insurance.” (With a little police work, the car, license plate, and driver could have been easily identified on this video)

    Clearly the cops are in on this, so it will never stop! So let me get this straight, we should give up the right to arms because we trust whom? (Perhaps we should patrol the streets and shoot the villains in the feet is what i say!)

    Anyway To those who were victimized in Manhattan beach, i say i am sorry for your loss and peeling of emptiness, please dont report it,as that makes the precinct looks bad, and the cops are always risking their lives to protect you and yours from the evil.

  2. “We, collectively, I think we’re all guilty. We run to the store,
    running late to be home, we leave our bag in the car and we make
    mistakes. And it kind of hurts us,” Chell said at the meeting.”

    Seriously Dumb ass. We are all guilty of what? Does he think we are leaving bananas on the seat and monkeys are breaking in to eat them? Crooks break into cars and we are all guilty!

    Here is an idea, fuck the red light cameras and use the resources to record street activity. ill bet even Sherlock Chell could catch the gang than!

  3. Good to see that the new boss is the same as the old boss. What is refreshing is how free he is with his words, no censoring within his thought process. WE ARE ALL GUILTY – except surely for his dirty precinct…

    I’ve always said rape victims are guilty of keeping their genitalia where someone could take them… Those stupid murder victims were always guilty of being alive.

    I had a break in on video with the car driven by the lowlife and a
    handwritten note left behind along with a good idea of who it was and

    It took 2 hours another time for them to respond to a drug addict trying to rob my home. THEY DO NOTHING.

  4. I agree. We’re “guilty” of leaving stuff in our car? Geez, that sounds perilously close to a lady being “guilty” of you know what because she showed a little skin. How much further can society go in diverting blame from criminals? That’s just terrible language to use, “we are all guilty”.

  5. Perhaps it’s time for local residents to form a mobile “citizens patrol” willing and able to do the kind of intervention the paid patrol is prohibited from doing and the NYPD is apparently unwilling to do. If these are, indeed, minors working for an adult, if you can’t grab and punish the adult, then grab one or more of the underage punks and “persuade” them to identify him, or, at the very least, if the kids are local, video or photograph them, identify them and publicize their identities (the NYPD can’t), and them go after the parents. Your car is an extension of your home. You are entitled to protect it with an appropriate amount of force. The only legal question is how much force is appropriate when protecting your neighbor’s car or making a citizen’s arrest of someone attempting to steal or vandalize it. Be creative, and you can get by on this.q

  6. And you want these idiots to be the ones to protect you and be the only ones that are armed. You keep making more and more sense.

  7. this sure looks like vandalism to me… why do they assume its theft? has anyone reported things stolen from the cars that were broken into? btw doesn’t manhattan beach have a private security firm that patrols those streets?

  8. Perhaps the answer is within your answer. Why can’t a minor be punished? They’re old enough to commit such a crime but not old enough to suffer a consequence? Sounds like nonsense to me. In fact, worse than nonsense. It probably incites some minors to do these things, knowing they have full protection. The kiddies ain’t dumb anymore. This isn’t Leave It To Beaver out there!

  9. Thats exactly what the problem is now. There are no consequences for a lot of people. Kids are punks these days they think they can say and do whatever they want and know no one is going to smack them in the head. Adults dont want to do anything about it then complain when the cops tell to bad its your fault for leaving things in your car.

  10. You know when I go to Vermont in the summer (equestrian event) I open carry a Glock 19, and it’s just so incredible that you don’t have to worry about being a victim. Imagine if women were allowed to defend themselves, instead of calling 911, and waiting for the cops to show up in 15 minutes, to take pictures of their bodies. That is what purpose cameras serve, to record an event as it occurs, not prevent it from happening.

  11. I dont want to protect you but you should want to protect yourself. I have said this before i bet i can out shoot 99% of the NYPD. I have shot more in the last 2 months than they do in years.

  12. Nice here are your famous stats that you love to use. Numbers from 2001 and 2006. A poll from the Washington post really?

  13. OK, lets read together:

    Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) in North Carolina surveyed 201,881 respondents nationwide, asking them, “Are any firearms now kept in or around your home? Include those kept in a garage, outdoor storage area, car, truck, or other motor vehicle.”

    How is this a WaPo poll?

    Also, do you have more recent numbers? Please cite.

  14. If your trying to demonize guns, why don’t you cite crimes committed with firearms? A violent crime can be committed with a hammer, a screwdriver, a golf cart, or a can of ravioli.

    I know your afraid to state that Vermont consistently ranks in the top 5 lowest, for murders across the country.

    A government that wants it’s citizens disarmed, is a government who wants its citizens to be enslaved. Just look at every example of mass disarmourments in history, being concluded with relentless tyranny. In your last post you mentioned how Russia experienced a revolution in 1917…guess what? The citizens were disarmed before that event. The American Revolution occurred when redcoats began demeaning colonists surrender their muskets, guess what.. they weren’t cowardly scum like some individuals.

  15. The average NYPD officer would struggle to hit the broadside of a barn, combine that with their 12lb trigger pull.

  16. What do you mean them?

    Police officers are allowed to carry firearms because citizens are allowed to carry firearms.

    Cops can use deadly force, because citizens can use deadly force.

    Cops can arrest individuals, because citizens can arrest individuals.

    In your government worshipping mentality, you envision cops to be some exhaled class of demigod creatures. Cops are CITIZENS. They have been deputized, and trained by our local government, which is run and paid for by citizens. We the people, have collectively decided that we want to hire and train other CITIZENS to serve as civil servants, who shall examine possible violations of the law.

    If you are a disarmed citizenry, what is stopping those cops from having their way with you? Raping you, beating your brains out, or raiding your home? nothing. That’s why police are much more respectful in other parts of the country where Mr.Johnson is carrying a Remington 870 in the back of his pickup truck, loaded with 1 ounce slugs.

  17. Againyou want me to look it up for you. Again you ignore its from 2001 when by the way there was a fed AWB.

  18. List of U.S. states by African-American population

    5) South Carolina 1,290,684 28.48%
    49) Vermont 6,277 0.87%

    Holy shit I think we have a winner right here!

  19. Ned, thank you for bringing attention to this matter. I think what’s going on is terrible- my car was broken into on Manhattan Beach in November and then when I took the car for repairs, the rental I had was broken into. I called and filed police reports both times but its to the point where I don’t know where to park anymore.

  20. Not a “militia,” as there’s no such thing as a private militia, well-regulated or not. I’m thinking more of a neighborhood patrol or watch, without guns, but, like the Guardian Angels, willing to physically interdict criminals committing crimes. This is not vigilantism, or taking the law into one’s hands, but, rather, team-based community self defense, not unlike the legendary Maccabees that kept Orthodox neighborhoods safe, and which later evolved into the Shomrim Patrol.

  21. Well actually the “Militia” is defined as every able bodied male over the age of eighteen. While NY state has a few Constitutional Militias, they are poorly organized, unlike other states which honor the 2nd amendment.

    But let me ask you a question. You think that the Shomrim patrols are okay?

    A private, religious organization which receives Tax Payer money to do exactly what? Basically ride around in wannabe cop cars, and harass anyone who “doesn’t look” like they belong in their neighborhood. If the Jewish communities of NY wanted to organize a community watch, which they would finance themselves, and hire lawyers for legal purposes that is absolutely reasonable, but to use taxpayer money and gain favoritism from the NYPD….perhaps not so fair.

    Imagine what would happen if the wonderful Muslim community of Brighton Beach received tax funds to fund some pretend LEO organization, the SWAT teams and hoards of protestors would be minutes away. Perhaps the wonderful African American community of East New York decided to engage in similar actions, we would also see revolts.

    I respect the 1st amendment’s statute of separation between government and religion, or in this case a faith based organization.

  22. A violent crime can be committed with a hammer, a screwdriver, a golf cart, or a can of ravioli.

    But if one is armed, it should protect him from ANY violent crime, no? Moreover, it should protect him nearly 100% if all the assailant has is a can of ravioli.

    I know your afraid to state that Vermont consistently ranks in the top 5 lowest, for murders across the country.

    Actually, that’s exactly what I wrote – Vermont has a third-lowest rank. And yet, they own about the same amount of guns that South Carolinians do.

    The citizens were disarmed before that event.

    No really, tell me more about Russian revolution! I only spent like all my childhood learning about it (and not because I wanted to).
    All that Russian Civil War must have been waged with imaginary weapons! What fools:

  23. Well that’s because it’s hard to miss when you fire 20+ rounds. If a citizen shoots an intruder twenty times, he will go to jail for murder; a cop receives a commendation.

  24. Well being armed doesn’t protect you from violent crimes in an absolute fashion; however it is exponentially better than being disarmed. You can compare it to wearing a seatbelt. Don’t you see the contradiction in your belief that firearms cause crimes, and your acceptance that Vermont has a low murder rate?Li

    About the firearm confiscation I accidentally thought of Turkey, which was disarmed in 1911 (government cullings followed). The Russian population was disarmed throughout 1929-1953 which of course assisted in the deaths of tens of millions of Russians and Ukranians. My mothers family left Russia before the revolution, settling in Connecticut, so the Revolution was seen miles in the distance by people of social significance.

  25. Liberty Lover,

    Rarely do i get to red posts where i agree as often as i do with yours. DON’T BE SILENCED!

  26. Wait, we were talking about comparing Vermont with South Carolina. This video has nothing to do with the subject discussed.

  27. No, there is no contradiction – Vermont has the same gun ownership rate as South Carolina but very different violent crime rate – which is my point exactly.

  28. You are right but you get the point or because i put the link in the wrong place it will be disregarded and not count for anything. I think i have said this before but will say it again. I am done with you.


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