Photos: 18-Wheeler Pulls K-Turn On Avenue U

The truck is going in reverse! For three blocks!

Earlier this week we told you about the truck that whacked an Avenue P overpass, and we’ve harped on this problem before. But yesterday we saw some awesome maneuvering by the driver of an 18-wheeler on Avenue U that needs to be spotlighted.

Yesterday around 2:30 p.m., the above pictured truck was moving with traffic until it came to the overpass on Avenue U between East 15th Street and East 16th Street. He jammed on the brakes in time to stop from being peeled open by the 12′-2″ overpass. A police escort arrived in a scooter, and helped block off oncoming traffic while the truck backed up two and half crowded blocks of traffic along Avenue U, then reversed up the wrong way of East 13th Street – even avoiding a double parked car – and then finished up the K-turn to head west on the avenue.

The whole ordeal took about 20 minutes, and I was beyond impressed to watch this driver patiently pull such a ballsy move (not that he had a choice) in an 18-wheeler, as throngs of Asian residents bustled around the cab dismissively. Traffic backed up for a few blocks, but except for a few jerks who recklessly sped off down when they could, drivers were compliant.

Maybe it doesn’t sound so impressive in writing, but I felt the whole act needed to be applauded once it was done. And while some may say the driver never should’ve gotten himself into the situation, I’m wondering if we need clearance signs going back a few blocks to give proper caution (right now, they’re only on the overpasses).

Here are some more photos of the ordeal:

The truck caused traffic backups
Cars attempting to get around the truck - despite police orders - were stifled
The truck blocked off all of Ave U as it backed up East 13th (around a double parked car)
Pedestrians didn't give a damn about the truck driver's plight
The overpass in question


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