Photographer Alex Raytses Shows Coney’s Ghostly Side


When you picture Coney Island, you may imagine that fantastic, bright red parachute jump in front of a vibrant blue sky, or the many colorful bathing suits and multicolored beach umbrellas. Perhaps you can’t help but picture the dazzling array of signs along the boardwalk as you walk past the amusement park.

Well, photographer Alex Raytses has his own take on Coney Island, and in his new online collection “Coney Dreams” he shows that it’s much more haunting, much more lonely than others.

These trance-inducing photos resemble a dream sequence with shades of gray mists and beige sands, communicating the calmness of the pier on a foggy afternoon, or the brutality of a harsh wind and snow that can disrupt a winter sojourner on the boardwalk.

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