Southern Brooklyn

Photo: SUV Flips, Hits Light Pole On Ave T, East 12th St


A tipster sent in the above photo at approximately 10:00 p.m. last night, showing an SUV that appears to have tumbled and hit a light pole on Avenue T and East 12th Street. According to the tipster, the driver had been speeding and went through a red light before losing control of his vehicle.

It is unknown if anyone was injured in the accident.

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  1. well of course he was speeding.. what an ASSHAT! why do people think the streets of brooklyn are a freaking racetrack? don’t drive like a dillweed and shit like this wont happen! he got what he deserved in my opinion… maybe he’ll learn not to speed like a jackass! 

  2.  really? no one deserves this? i disagree. this MF couldve killed someone. a damaged car is nothing compared to a human life, contrary to what you believe. 

  3. Oh well!  This is what happens when you speed in an SUV.  Everyone knows that these things tip over and lose traction when driven at high speeds.  Judging from the photo and the height on the vehicle, this jackwagon was going really fast.  He deserved to crash up his car.  Nuts like this shouldn’t be driving.

  4. waiting for someone from streetsblog to stop by and say all drivers are like this and we need more speed bumps and stop signs in the area.


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