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Photo: High Winds Rip Down Kings Highway Storefront Signage



Oh boy, it was windy out yesterday. How windy was it? Windy enough to rip down the signage of this closed store on Kings Highway and East 16th Street.

Submitted by Abraham V.

Oh, and we’ll have more about this building later. Hint, hint…

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  1. Yes, exactly what is going on at this location? The entire block of stores on Kings Highway and East 16th Street are now been closed, as well as the stores on East 16th Street from Kings Highway to Avenue P. Lots of rumors-no clear answers?


    I can’t quite tell, the location seems to match, but is this what they want to build? If so, I think the idea of placing office space on top, is less of what the neighborhood needs. As evident by the so many “office” spaces that are constructed, many remain vacant. I am also curious as to which retail establishments will open on the ground floor.

  3. Conway went out of business, other locations around the city are closing shop too, I think that parcel is unrelated.

  4. In early February it was all merged into one Lot. So I’ve been hearing things that it may be a gym, or who knows. If it will be a gym, let it be Blink Fitness and not that bullshit Planet Shithead.

    Oh and what the f*ck is up with this new crew of homeless punks sitting under the train??

  5. This is destroying the historic feel of die hard Kings Highway folk. It is bad enough that great places like Adelman’s went out. Now a whole block is becoming a lousy strip mall. Where are people like Marty Markowitz stopping this? Do we really need more retail banks in Brooklyn? Call your reps and demand an end to all of this destruction of Brooklyn culture. This is not the suburbs!!!


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