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Photo: Google Street View Vehicle Roams Sheepshead Streets


I took a photo of it taking a photo of me taking a photo of it.

We got a call a few minutes ago that the Google Maps Street View vehicle, with mounted phallic-cam, just turned from Ocean Avenue onto Avenue Z. Being near Avenue Z, I snagged my camera and got outside and caught it at East 14th Street just in time. It turned up East 13th Street.

Thank you, Google. I’m sure I’ll be using your new photos soon.

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  1.  There’s a pic of me taking a pic of that car in Manhattan near Union Square park. Your face will most likely be blurred lol.

  2. Good thing you weren’t naked. It’s bad enough being caught by  the law up Sheepshead Bay Road walking around nude. Not that I would know anything  about that, I was cleared of all  charges , I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been caught, I mean I never did it. But getting back to the original point, not the best situation to be caught by the Google Earth Cam. Then even the aliens can be howling from a different dimension or something. You might become the star of the first Alpha Centauri reality show, in multi-dimensional quantum high-definiton.


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