Photo: Floyd Bennett Field’s Hangar B

One of the neat things about having your own website with a sizeable audience is that you occasionally get to abuse the inherent power. In my case, I’m going to show you photos I take that you probably don’t care about. And since I take most of these photos during bike rides out of the neighborhood, it’s kind of like the digital equivalent of your nerdy uncle making you sit through a slideshow of his vacation to who-the-hell-cares-where.

In this case, my trip took me out to Floyd Bennett Field, which I haven’t really explored since I was a kid. I rode over to Hangar B, which is this desolate area that looks like the meeting ground for many a mob transaction. The hangar itself looks beaten up and abandoned. But there’s actually some really cool stuff going on inside.

Namely, Floyd Bennett Field’s Historical Aircraft Restoration Project (HARP) is headquartered in the hanger. There, volunteers piece together and showcase dozens of planes and other aircrafts from different eras. Though they were closed when I was there, word is that volunteers sometimes take visitors aboard to check out the cockpit. For more information, and a photo gallery of some of the planes, check out this website.

I hope you liked my photo. If not, too bad.