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Photo: Fishing on Plumb Beach, 1973


FIshing 1973

DailyDOCUMERICA recently dug up this old photo of Plum Beach, taken in May 1973 by Coney Island native Arthur Tress. It looks to be a part of the same Tress series as the Plumb Beach photo we showed you – also from DailyDOCUMERICA – in early July.

Looks like they’re having fun, but considering they’re fishing from what appears to be the DEP outflow pump near Brigham Street – which was still active at the time – we really hope this couple decided not to eat any of the catches!

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  1. Love it. White Jockey and the girl probably has her T-shirt knotted in the front. Style was so simple to accomplish. 😉

  2. I would never eat anything out of our waters.  My fish store gets fresh fish every day and alot of it is imported from the mediteranean.

  3. This can’t be plumb beach, there are high rise apt buildings to the west, there aren’t any near , Breezy Point or anywhere near here, this must be in Jamaica Bay some where more towards Rockaway.

  4. The previous post indicated that there are NO high rise buildings near Breezy Point
    looking across from Plumb Beach…HOWEVER, those of us that have been around for many years, may remember when they DID construct the large buildings over there, and
    they stood idle for many years, not completed, and tied up in law suits I believe from the Breezy Point Co-op Assn.  Eventually they were all demolished.

  5. Part of Mayor Lindsay’s scatter site housing policy to locate low income housing in middle class neighborhoods.  The Marlboro and Sheepshead-Nostrand Housing projects are examples.  By far the worst thing he did.


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