Photo: East 13th Street Double Stabbing Suspect Nikolai Rakossi

First photo of Nikolai Rakossi.
Nikolai Rakossi (Source: East2WestNews via

The man photographed above is Nikolai Rakossi, the Russian national wanted for questioning in the brutal double murders of Larisa Prikhodko, 27, and her mother Tatyana Prikhodko, 56, whose bodies were discovered by police on April 17 in an apartment at 2299 East 13th Street.

With two reporters in Russia following Rakossi’s trail, the New York Post got the scoop by tracking down the 58-year-old fugitive’s sister in Moscow.

Rakossi called his sister Lydia from the Brooklyn apartment on Sunday, the day after the murders and the evening of which he boarded a flight back to the homeland.

“He was in tears,” Lydia said of the phone call. “He told me: ‘Please don’t keep any offense in your heart about me. Forgive me. You will never see me again.'” Rakossi then hung up, and his family found out the reason for the enigmatic call when media reports surfaced.

Now his sibling thinks Rakossi might take his own life, rather than live with the guilt of the alleged murders.

“I don’t think he is alive now, after what he told me,” she said. “Knowing him, I don’t think he would be able to live with himself and carry the burden of having killed the person he loved more than himself, and her daughter.”

Rakossi remains at large, and investigators have little hope that, if found, Russian authorities will turn him over for prosecution.