Photo: Damaged Car On Shore Parkway And Sheepshead Bay Road Sparks Off Mystery

A man was hospitalized this afternoon after being found slumped over the wheel of his car in the parking lane on Shore Parkway, just off of Sheepshead Bay Road.

The man was passed out at the wheel with his foot on the gas, pushing against a parked car in front of him. When the owner of the parked car arrived at the scene, she at first didn’t notice the man, got into her car, and attempted to pull out of the spot. That’s when she realized the other car was pushing into her bumper as she continued to drive off. She stopped the car and approached the driver, finding him unconscious. The man was believed to be suffering from a medical condition and was taken to the hospital.

The man’s car appeared to have been in a collision, with the front passenger side heavily damaged. The woman’s car was unscratched, and no debris could be found for several blocks up Shore Boulevard, sparking off a mystery as to where the original accident occurred. Police said an accident was reported further up Shore Boulevard, but they were not yet sure if the incidents were related. They said they hope to find out the full story when the man regains consciousness.

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