Photo: Car Flipped On Voorhies Avenue

The photo above was taken at around 10:30 a.m. on Voorhies Avenue, spitting distance from the Belt Parkway exit ramp. Our tipster, Steve Zeltser, writes:

Seems like emergency personnel had been on the scene for a while (fire trucks and an ambulance.)  I didn’t see any other car that may have been involved in this accident.  However, a car parked along the curb was struck, drivers side is all banged up.  DOT employee was directing traffic at the intersection of Voorhies and Sheepshead Bay Road because there was such a backup because of the accident.

Time to play “Guess how this happened!”

My guess? The driver of the flipped car came down the exit ramp too quickly, went through the stop sign, lost control, hit the parked car, swerved and flipped over.

Wouldn’t be the first time a car came off that ramp too quickly and lost control; remember when this car burst into flames after slamming into the fence of the old Verizon lot? We’ve heard a bunch of other accidents at that spot, too. Short of demanding people be better drivers, because we know that ain’t gonna happen, any ideas for fixing this problem?

Here’s a second photo we just received from Alex T:


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