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Photo: Car Collision In Front Of Bay Academy, As Children Arrive For Class


Manhattan Beach resident Kathleen H. sent us the above photo with the following note:

These cars look like they were involved in a high speed highway accident. In reality, this occurred in front of our local school, at approximately 8:15, when children are arriving at school. Anyone going too fast? Anyone running a red light? What is wrong with this picture? A disgrace!

The accident is at Emmons Avenue and Shore Boulevard.

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  1. It’s E14 and Emmons and I’m not so sure anyone was exceeding the speed limit. A bumper can fall off if hit at 30 mph.

  2. This intersection needs a major and drastic re-design. My first instinct is to suggest pedestrian bridges but that might hinder any deliveries that need to be made on Emmons Ave. However the current status quo cannot continue.

    The current zebra stripe pattern does not work.

  3. Whats disgraceful about the photo? I don’t think the drivers planned on a collision in front of the school. Things like this happen and that intersection is such a mess. This caption is a stupid disgrace, if anything we have to be thankful no one was seriously hurt.

  4. No, I’m sure nobody was planning on a collision. But were the drivers driving carefully?

    I didn’t witness the crash, and I don’t know how it happened, but it certainly looks like at least one of the drivers might have – how shall I put this – not been in full compliance with the law. How about we start enforcing the law? When was the last time you saw a driver ticketed for running a red light or for speeding or for cutting off a pedestrian who had the right-of-way or for driving too fast for conditions?

    It’s very rare that a crash just happens. Crashes usually happen because people do stupid, unsafe things, and their luck eventually runs out.

  5. Truth has been Spoken.

    However i got a ticket for turning on a Yellow…….. sucks to be me yo 🙁 it was raining too 🙁

  6. I do not know either what happened in this particular case but it’s a bad intersection. The traffic lights need better placement. When you are going west on Emmons and the light turns red, it is not clear if you should complete your turn because you are already in the middle of the intersection or if you should wait until the next cycle. It is particularly dangerous for pedestrians and I am surprised there aren’t more pedestrian accidents there.

    My guess is that someone tried to make a left after the arrow went off and they no longer had the right of way. That happens at virtually every single cycle but it usually does not result in an accident. If you are in a certain spot, you cannot see that the arrow went off.

  7. The drivers were middle aged, I know this for a fact. Things like this happen, and Ive witnessed people getting pulled over many times by police for running, red lights and stop signs. Crashes occur sometimes no matter how careful you are. the visibility that day was bad and the roads were slick. No one can assume anything. Crashes sometime happen because human error, or the car could have stalled or slipped. Are there ridiculous drivers out there? yes, But can you assume that all crashes are caused by stupidity of a driver? No, so I have to agree Jenner is right, we need to be thankful no one was injured and I have to agree the caption to the story is asinine.

  8. There’s nothing asinine to expect drivers to slow down to a safe speed in a school zone in wet conditions and in low visibility. Accidents don’t just happen, they happen when driver’s are negligent or ignorant of their negligence. This idea that car accidents are a normal part of life is defeatist acceptance of the status quo and this community should not accept that. This collision, as well as every other, is a damn disgrace.


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