Phone Snatching Outside Salahi on Cortelyou

A woman walking down Cortelyou Road on Saturday night around 9pm had her phone stolen by a group of men who had apparently been inside Salahi moments earlier.

Her partner tells us that she was talking on her phone when she passed by the bodega on the corner of Argyle Road, and several men came out of the shop. One grabbed her from behind, then stole her phone, and the other men stopped anyone from chasing him. Thankfully, the woman was not injured.

They describe the man who stole the phone as wearing a bright blue puffer jacket and a grey hoodie.

They also note that the 70th precinct “responded promptly and efficiently,” and that the man’s image, but not the crime, was captured on surveillance cameras at Salahi. We’re waiting to hear back from the 70th for more information, and will update if they are able to share any images of the suspect.


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