Petition to Add Beat Cops to Flatbush Avenue Gains Signatures

A new petition is being circulated around the Flatbush area asking the 71st Precinct for at least two more beat cops on Flatbush Avenue south of Empire Boulevard and into our area.

The petition has received support from neighborhood email lists, the Q at Parkside blog and various neighbors — most vocally, several parents — around the area. The petition is aiming for 100 supporters. It currently has 84 electronic signatures and has been steadily advancing through the day.

Q at Parkside comments:

I’ve been to at least a dozen meetings in the last two years, most recently the CB9 “Envisioning” meeting, and I’ve lost count of how many people have asked for a consistent presence of cops along our intense, vibrant, hectic and sometimes downright lawless main streets. Would it be so much to ask for a pair of beat cops, preferably on foot, to patrol the Flabenue 24-7?

Although the 71st Pecinct’s CompStat statistics show even or dropping crime rates, critics such as the PBA’s Robert Zink say CompStat does not always reflect the reality on the ground.

What do you think of the situation on Flatbush Avenue?


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