Pete’s Mini Zine Fest Features Local Artist

Pete’s Mini Zine Fest Features Local Artist

Coming up this Saturday, July 21 from 2-7pm is the fourth annual Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, the longest-running zine fest in NYC, which is co-hosted by Ditmas Park comic artist Marguerite Dabaie. We’re still waiting for the day she’s able to find a spot around here to host it (or something like it!), but until then, you can check it out (for free) at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg.

Marguerite is also hosting a free comics workshop at 5pm. She will be going over how to create comics–from the initial idea to finally getting it down on paper–and how to make your DIY books “ultra faboo,” she says. She’ll also talk about how basically any subject you choose can be made into a comic and do an art demo.

Attendee List

Andria Alefhi – We’ll Never Have Paris

Darryl Ayo – Little Garden

Elvis Bakaitis – Homos in Herstory

Aida Binhas – Bon Nui Dreamland

C. M. Butzer – Rabid Rabbit Comic Anthology

Colin – Slice Harvester

Marguerite Dabaie – The Hookah Girl

Christopher Michael Duffy

Jenna Freedman – Lower East Side Librarian

Abigail Geraldine – In These Shells

Cat Gilbert – The 22 Magazine

Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz – Living in La La Land

Dre Grigoropol – Dee’s Dream

Alisa Harris – Urban Nomad

Katie Haegele – The La-La Theory

Aaron Howard – Oilcan Press

Gus Iversen

Jemibook – Lolita

John Jennison – Crisis of Infinite Cells

Mark Lerer – The Little General

Sara Lindo – Wall Street Cat

L. Nichols – Jumbly Junkery

Morgan Pielli – Indestructible Universe Quarterly

Bill Roundy – Bar Scrawl

Steve Seck – Life is Good

Tiffany Stevens – Terrific Terrific Terrific