Pet Spotlight: Otis the Pitbull Mix


Eleven years ago, Otis was left tied to a tree in Fort Greene Park.

“A dogwalker found him. I bumped into her – I was dogsitting at the time – and she asked if I knew anyone looking for a dog,” his owner, freelance photographer Chris Franko, 47, said. “And I said, ‘I am!'”

Now 12 years old, Otis has mellowed from his early days as a young dog running around Fort Greene Park.

“His favorite time would be the morning after a rainstorm. He’d find a fallen branch and try to bulldoze it with his teeth, barking at it” Franko said. “These days his teeth are all worn down. Now he’s chill.”

You can still find Otis in the park; just follow the sound of his bark.

“If he’s playing, he’s barking,” Franko said. “It sends a beacon.”

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