Pet Spotlight: Jax the Labrador Mix

Pet Spotlight: Jax the Labrador Mix
Jax and his owner Rick Delio were out for a sunny walk in Fort Greene. (Photo: Annie Massa)
Jax out for a sunny walk with his owner, Rick Delio, around Fort Greene. (Photo by Antonia Massa)

We met Jax and his owner, Rick Delio, just outside Fort Greene Park on a hot summer day.

Jax is an 8-month-old Labrador mix. Delio adopted him from a rescue group in New Jersey when Jax was just 3 months old. When he arrived at the rescue center, Delio said that there was a whole line of dogs up for adoption, but Jax stood out. Jax followed Delio all around the rescue center as he browsed.

“I guess you could say he chose me,” Delio said.

Jax is the only pet Delio has, so he gets all the attention at home. He particularly loves waking up early and making enough noise to ensure Delio rolls out of bed. But that’s not Jax’s most curious characteristic, Delio said.

“He’s deathly afraid of water,” he said. “Which is weird because most labs love the water.”

Instead of taking a swim or running through sprinklers to cool off in the summer months, Jax stays cool by drinking a lot of water and sitting indoors in front of an air conditioner.

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