Permits Filed For Five-Story Office And Retail Building On East 13 Street

Photo via Google Maps
Photo via Google Maps

New building applications were filed for an five-story office and retail building at 1713 East 13 St, just off of Kings Highway and Quentin Road, according to a report by New York Yimby.

The building would be 91-feet tall, and on a through-block lot, which means the building would have two distinct sides — one on East 13 Street and one on East 14 Street. The first two floors would be retail space, and the remaining three floors would be used as office space.

A 2006 rezoning in Sheepshead Bay led to larger development along Kings Highway and other residential streets in the area, according to city documents. More apartment buildings and office buildings have been popping up since then, and this is another example of one.

Infinity Group is the developer behind this project. They are based out of Midtown, near Times Square, and have chosen Zysovich, architects out of SoHo, to do the design.

There is a parking garage at the property right now. Demolition permits haven’t been filed for that yet.

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Sean Egan

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  1. Why would you get rid of a parking lot??? That makes THE MOST sense! We had a municipal lot years ago, which is now a TJ Maxx. Now they’ll demolish the lot? Logic: 0

  2. When will the power that be conclude that The Bay is NOT Times Square and that we have reached a point of saturation?

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