People's Playground Website Future: Adult Playground

(Under the Boardwalk Photo courtesy of Blue Jake website.)

What’s worse for Coney IslandThor Equities and overpriced condos or the porn industry? It seems that the People’s Playground is now being represented as a virtual adult playground.

Curbed and Gowanus Lounge reported that Thor Equities didn’t renew their Future of Coney Island website domain and so it fell into the hands of a Belgian porn glut that wants to bring whatever used to (still) happen(s) under the boardwalk onto the world wide web.

Now that term limits have been wiped out, former Mayor Giuliani just might feel the need to come back — and like he rid Times Square of its unwholesomeness and brought in Disney — he might want bring back Coney Island and wipe out this internet association.

I wonder if Disney might be convinced to transplant The Little Mermaid from Broadway to Coney Island. Now that’s what we call a revitalization!

[It is suggested that you hold yourself back from visiting the website under the new ownership, because as Curbed warns us, it will cause your computer to get bogged down with all sorts of problems — unless, of course, you’re into that kind of thing.]

Note: This post has been updated to include the name of the photographer for the picture above, Jake Dobkin.


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